What's That Sound? | Noises That Mean You Require AC Repair ASAP

April 22, 2022

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Do you need immediate AC repair for your home’s HVAC system? Homeowners should never overlook signs of needed air conditioning fixes. However, not all AC issues indicate that it’s time for emergency repairs! In truth, a homeowner might address a few simple fixes and repairs themselves.

On the other hand, it’s vital that you schedule professional air conditioning repair when needed. Putting off those fixes can risk more extensive and costly damage. With this in mind, consider when noises, slowdowns, and other such issues mean that it’s time for immediate AC repair.

What Does a Bad AC Sound Like?

Check out some added details about what a bad AC sounds like, and what those sounds often indicate. As always, ensure you work safely if you try to address these problems yourself! Above all, disconnect the circuit to the HVAC system, to avoid the risk of shocks and electrocution.

Taking apart an appliance needing AC repair because of rattling noise

  • A hissing sound might mean leaking ductwork throughout the home. While this issue doesn’t need repairs ASAP, leaking ducts make the AC work harder. In turn, you might notice a spike in utility costs.
  • Additionally, leaking refrigerant might also create a hissing sound. This issue needs immediate repairs! Not only does leaking refrigerant mean less cooling but it’s also environmentally unhealthy. Also, cracks and other damage might get worse the longer they’re ignored.
  • Loose parts or something caught inside the air conditioner can mean rattling or grinding sounds. Address this issue right away, to avoid more extensive damage.
  • Loose bearings often create squealing sounds. These need immediate fixing! Bearings allow parts to move freely. Consequently, damaged bearings can mean friction and other damage to various AC parts.
  • A damaged thermostat might create a clicking sound as it tries to communicate with the air conditioner. While this might not need immediate attention, a malfunctioning thermostat can mean a struggling AC. In turn, your home’s appliance might suffer unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, your interior space might get overly cool or not cool enough.

Why Is My AC Making Weird Noises?

Damaged or worn parts often result in weird sounds from an air conditioner. As said, a broken part might create a grinding or rattling sound. However, what if your home’s air conditioner is relatively new and in good condition?

Foreign items lodged inside the air conditioner can also risk damage and unusual sounds. For instance, insects, lizards, and other pests might crawl into an outdoor compressor unit. In turn, they might bang around the inside of the unit when it cycles on!

Additionally, note that hot air vents through the grille surrounding that compressor. Thick debris stuck in those grilles might create hissing or vibrating sounds when the AC switches on. Dirt and debris might also dry out the unit’s bearings, risking a squealing or squeaking sound.

What Does a Bad Home AC Compressor Sound Like?

A bad home AC compressor might make a number of very unpleasant sounds! Leaking refrigerant can mean loud hissing, as said. Broken parts often create deafening banging or clanging sounds, or grinding noises. You might also hear squealing as the unit struggles to cycle on.

Whatever the case, don’t put off a needed inspection and repairs. It’s especially vital that you don’t use the AC while it’s making these sounds! Doing so can risk costlier damage and even complete shutdown.

A compressor needing AC repair in Conroe.

What Is Normal AC Noise?

A home air conditioner often makes a slight blowing noise as it pushes air through the home’s ducts and vents. Also, you might hear a humming or whirring sound when close to the compressor, coming from the fan and motor. If you notice anything other than these sounds, it’s time for a full-scale HVAC inspection!

Why Doesn’t My AC Cool Like It Should?

Odd sounds are not the only sign that it’s time to schedule AC repairs! For example, an air conditioner can cycle on but not cool your home as it should. Also, it might run for too long or offer uneven cooling. Check out some common AC issues and their potential causes, and how to address them properly.

  • First, ensure that all your home’s vents and registers are open and clean. Remove them from the walls and floors if possible, to check for dust and debris. A thorough cleaning ensures cool air can circulate through your home properly.
  • Have the home’s thermostat calibrated before assuming the AC needs any other repairs. A malfunctioning thermostat can’t read temperatures properly, resulting in uneven cooling.
  • Clogged filters are a common cause of AC failure. Remember that your home’s air conditioner pushes air through the furnace filter! Once that filter clogs, it blocks cool air circulation. Change the filter every month when the AC and furnace are in use, for adequate airflow.
  • The wrong size air conditioner can mean uneven cooling. For instance, an oversized unit might cool spaces quickly but leave behind humidity. In turn, your interior spaces might feel cold and clammy rather than comfortable.
  • In the same way, an undersized unit might struggle to push air to far corners of the home. Consequently, rooms next to the condenser get cool while other spaces stay warm and stuffy.

Should You Repair or Replace a Home Air Conditioner?

When you call a contractor for AC repair, he or she might suggest you replace the unit altogether. If this happens, don’t assume they’re just trying to scam you! After so many years, AC parts break down and need replacing. Eventually replacing all those parts becomes about as expensive as getting a new appliance altogether.

Also, note that newer air conditioners are more energy efficient than outdated models. In turn, investing in a new unit can mean lower energy costs. Outdated, damaged HVAC systems might also lower your home’s value! Opting for a new AC now can mean more buyers and higher offers if you ever put your house on the market.

24/7 AC Repair Conroe is happy to explain the different noises that indicate needed AC repair. Hopefully you found this information helpful! If you need your system checked, call our experienced Conroe air conditioning contractors. We’ll schedule a complete inspection and ensure high-quality repairs guaranteed to last. For more information, contact us today.


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