Is It Cheaper to Get Your AC Fixed in the Winter?

February 1, 2023

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New AC installation isn’t always the cheapest home improvement project you might schedule. In turn, homeowners often wonder how they can save on this cost without compromising their property’s cooling needs. For instance, you might consider installing AC in the winter, assuming it’s less expensive during the off-season.

If you’re looking to schedule AC repairs or new installation, take a look at this question in more detail. Then you can discuss your options with an AC installer near you as needed! In turn, you’re sure to get the best price on your new air conditioner and other HVAC components.

Is New AC Cheaper in the Winter?

First, note that AC repair contractors and their prices vary from one company to the next! Second, you might consider some reasons why it’s not always cheaper to schedule AC services in the wintertime.

Check out some reasons why an HVAC contractor might not necessarily lower their prices during winter months. One reason is that homeowners might replace an air conditioner at the same time as replacing their furnace. Also, some homeowners might note that their AC struggles to work during summertime.

However, they might put off replacement as long as possible, hoping to get on last season out of their old AC unit! Also, remember that AC contractors are typically busiest in the summertime. Consequently, some homeowners might not even be able to get an appointment for a new AC installation!

In turn, winter months aren’t necessarily slower for AC contractors. Some might have just as many if not more, demands for new HVAC systems in wintertime! As a result, never assume that they’ll lower their prices to “drum up business” during winter months.

On the other hand, some AC manufacturers might offer lower prices on new appliances near year’s end. This allows them to get that inventory off the shelves and make room for next year’s models! As such, contractors might pass those cost savings onto their clients.

Whatever the case, don’t assume that AC repair is always cheaper in wintertime. If you have issues with your home’s air conditioning, call a contractor right away. Doing so ensures quick fixes and a functioning appliance throughout the summer months!

Should You Install AC in the Winter?

Snow piling on an outside concrete slab is one challenge AC installation contractors often face. They need to ensure your new central unit stays stable and secure to that pad. In turn, too much snow, ice, sleet, and other weather elements might make their job more difficult!

Also, some homeowners might not want contractors in and out of their home during winter months. Those contractors can track snow and dirt into your space, making an unsightly mess. Their job also means having the door open consistently until they finish the project!

However, other than these inconveniences, there are few reasons why you should avoid wintertime AC replacement. As long as contractors can access that concrete pad effectively, they can usually manage the project year-round. To find out more, call an AC installation contractor near you and note if they offer services during winter months.

is it cheaper to get your ac fixed in the winter

Is It Cheaper to Replace AC in the Fall?

As with winter repairs, it’s not necessarily cheaper to replace an AC in the fall. Some contractors might be just as busy during cooler months, replacing furnaces and other HVAC equipment. Also, homeowners might also wait until fall to replace their AC, as said. In turn, autumn isn’t necessarily an “off-season” for those contractors.

With this in mind, property owners shouldn’t put off scheduling needed repairs or replacement. Calling at the first sign of AC damage can ensure you’re put on the contractor’s calendar quickly! You can also avoid shutdowns and having to go without an AC right when you need it most.

Are Central Air Units Cheaper in Winter?

Since demand for new AC installation is still high during winter, prices aren’t necessarily cheaper! Consequently, never wait until wintertime for AC installation, assuming prices will fall once the weather cools.

The one exception to this rule might be near the first of the year, when manufacturers need to get rid of that year’s model. They might then offer lower prices, rebates, and other incentives for those models. An AC installation contractor can even help find lower prices on available equipment!

Also, note that HVAC contractors might also be busy replacing furnaces as well as AC units in wintertime. In turn, they might offer lower prices for clients who double on these installations. Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to ask your contractor about how to find the best deal for your HVAC needs.

Which Is Better, AC Installation or Repairs?

When an AC begins to fail, you might wonder if it’s worth repairing or time for a new unit. Your AC technician can offer insight into the unit you have currently, and its overall condition. However, note its age and expected lifespan. If the AC is more than five years old, it’s probably going to start failing in the next few years.

Also, would a new air conditioner offer more effective cooling for your space? Larger units can easily push air even to back rooms that sit away from the compressor. On the other hand, a unit that’s too large might be using more energy than needed for cooling.

Additionally, consider if you might sell your home sometime in the near future. Investing in upgraded appliances now can make that property more desirable in a few years! You can then enjoy better cooling while you’re in the home and more interested buyers once you sell.

24/7 AC Repair Conroe is happy to provide this information about AC installation in the winter. Hopefully, it’s been helpful when it comes to your HVAC needs! If you’re ready for expert services, contact our Conroe AC repair contractors today. We provide full-scale repair and new HVAC installation, using only the most reliable name-brand appliances and replacement parts. Additionally, we guarantee our work in writing! For more information or to schedule your convenient service appointment, call us today.


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