How Much Is AC Repair? (Homeowner Cost Guide)

September 23, 2022

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Average AC repair costs can cause some homeowners to put off needed air conditioning fixes. However, the longer you ignore repair issues, the worse they often become. Consequently, your eventual repair costs also get more expensive over time.

Also, homeowners should realize that fixing an air conditioner isn’t always as expensive as you might assume! While costs always vary, some basic repairs might run just a few hundred dollars, if even that. To ensure you’re making the best choice for your home’s appliances, check out some vital information about AC repair costs. Then, consult with an HVAC repair contractor near you as needed!

How much does it usually cost to fix AC?

As with any appliance repair, your costs vary according to what parts need fixing or replacing. Also, some brand name models might price their replacement parts higher than other models. In turn, you might then pay more for parts alone. Additionally, contractor labor prices also vary from company to company. However, national AC repair cost averages can give you an idea of what you might face for your appliance:

  • A damaged thermostat often causes an air conditioner to cycle on and off too quickly or slowly. Replacing a faulty thermostat can average anywhere from $60 to over $400.
  • The AC blower pushes air through the system and back into interior rooms. Repairing or replacing a blower might range from $100 to over $700.
  • Air conditioning coolant leaks are rare. However, patching and then recharging the AC might run from $100 to $350 or more.
  • Replacing a fan motor might run from $200 to $500.
  • Note, too, that other services such as cleaning around a condenser adds to your costs.

ac repair for a outdoor unit

Is it worth repairing an air conditioner?

Whether or not you should repair an air conditioner depends on a few factors. While reviewing these, remember that your technician can also offer some pointed advice! He or she will know if your appliance still has years of life or should be replaced.

  • First, note that homeowners should never assume they can live without a working air conditioner. An AC unit removes humidity as well as heat. In turn, a working AC protects your house against structural wood rot, mold, and mildew.
  • Also, an overly warm home is not just uncomfortable but also unhealthy! Excess heat can risk slowed brain functioning and heat stroke. Heat can also interfere with healthy sleep, which can affect you throughout the day.
  • If you’re trying to decide between repair and replacement, consider the condition of the air conditioner. Paying for several repairs over the next few years might be the same cost as replacement!
  • Additionally, replacing an air conditioner gives you a chance to upgrade or downsize the unit. An overly large AC can cycle off before removing humidity, for a cold and clammy environment. On the other hand, an undersized unit might not cool your entire home evenly.
  • Moreover, consider if the refrigerant is outdated and potentially even discontinued! Some older refrigerants are so damaging to the environment that they’re not even manufactured any longer. In turn, you might be “out of luck” if your AC should spring a leak. Consequently, consider replacing it rather than repairs.
  • On the other hand, an air conditioner that’s just a few years old might not need replacing quite yet! Investing in repairs can mean a fully functioning unit for years. Also, your technician might recommend maintenance and cleaning, to keep it working properly.

Lifespan of an air conditioner

Most high-quality air conditioners last some 15 to 20 years. However, some will wear out sooner than expected, depending on how well you maintain them! For instance, homeowners should keep outdoor compressors clean of debris, to ensure they can vent heat easily.

Also, consider building a blind for those units, to keep them shaded from harsh sunlight. A blind will also block twigs, leaves, and other debris. In turn, your compressor will stay cleaner and run more effectively.

Moreover, consider regular cleaning and maintenance for your air conditioner. A professional can remove dust and other debris from moving parts, reducing wear and tear. Additionally, replacing small parts such as belts and hoses can also improve the expected lifespan of your appliance.

Above all, always invest in professional repair and new appliance installation when needed. Poor-quality repairs might not last, and might even make damage worse! On the other hand, a professional ensures reliable services and new AC installation. Also, most will offer warranties and guarantees for both parts and labor.

repairing a air conditioner

When is it time to schedule AC repair?

Never assume that an air conditioner needs to stop working outright to require repairs! As the appliance breaks down, you might notice uneven cooling throughout your home. Also, the appliance might seem to stay cycled on for far too long, or switch itself off too soon. If the unit doesn’t keep interior spaces at the temperature set on the thermostat, it probably needs repairs.

Moreover, odd sounds can also signal needed repairs! Bumping, grinding, and banging often indicate a broken or loose part. Worn bearings typically create a squealing sound. Additionally, broken parts might also create a burning smell, also indicating that it’s time to schedule repairs.

In addition to these signs of needed repairs, keep an eye on your monthly utility costs. Rising electric bills that you can’t explain away with a rate hike can mean AC issues. The more the appliance breaks down, the harder it works to keep your home cool. In turn, it often draws more power every month, spiking your bills.

24/7 AC Repair Conroe is happy to bring this information about AC repair costs to our readers. Hopefully, you found it helpful and useful. If so, be sure to share it with friends and family. Also, call our Conroe AC repair contractors when you need expert fixes for your appliance. We offer guaranteed services at affordable prices. Above all, we’re happy to answer all your questions about residential HVAC repair and installation. To find out more, give us a call today!


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